When you eat a piece of peppermint candy, have you ever thought about the benefits it gives you besides freshening your breath before that big meeting or first date? No? Well, peppermint can be a powerful thing for your health. This medicinal herb, which is usually found in your favorite gum or toothpaste, have been known since ancient times that it has therapeutic effects. GreenMedInfo says that:

“Dried peppermint leaves have even been found in several Egyptian pyramids carbon dating back to 1,000 BC.”

So why is peppermint considered a powerful herb? Peppermint is a natural herb that can give you relief of uncomfortable symptoms that you may have through your body.

Ways Peppermint Soothes Your Body to Better Health

Tummy troubles

If you find yourself with indigestion with symptoms of bloating and gas, peppermint is able to relax the muscles of the stomach to allow food to pass through and allowing painful gas to pass through also. Drinking a small glass of water with a few drops of peppermint oil will help to alleviate the symptoms.

Cracking nipples from breastfeeding

Sore nipples are common for mothers that breastfeed and could cause a fail attempt successful breastfeeding. Compared to lanolin cream, mothers who used peppermint gel did not have cracked nipples as often as mothers who did not use the gel. A study shows that peppermint gel is more effective than lanolin cream.

Tension headaches

Headaches that don’t seem to go away can be alleviated by the aroma of peppermint. Sprinkling a bit of oil in a cloth or dabbing some on your wrist can rid headaches. You can also rub some of the oil directly on the forehead or temples.

Natural relief from hay fever

Peppermint extracts from a peppermint leaf can be natural reliever. The leaves inhibit a histamine that can alleviate hay fever symptoms.

Flu and colds

Peppermint has been used for flu and colds for a while now because of the key ingredient, menthol. The ingredient is a decongestant that helps to thin out the mucus. It is very soothing for a dry cough and sore throat.

There are numerous benefits and uses for peppermint and peppermint recipes that you may find helpful for everyday use.

Do you use peppermint oil?

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