preworkout cons

“But first, coffee” is a popular phrase which encapsulates a widespread need for caffeine in order for one to feel like they can function normally. Caffeine isn’t considered a drug, but it is a mind-altering, mood-altering substance which can become addictive and have adverse effects. For millions of people around the world, the worst adverse effect of caffeine is being without it. Some cultures drink coffee and espresso well into the evening and late night hours. Coffee is a culture, a lifestyle, and a beloved beverage for many as well as a craft. The stimulating effects of coffee are turned to for increased energy, attention, and focus.

Many men turn to pre-workout supplements for the same reason. In order to get up the energy they want to get the workout they want, they first turn to a preworkout supplement like a powder or a drink for the caffeine. There might be such a thing as too much preworkout, especially when the supplement contains more than just caffeine. Stimulating energy can be produced through a variety of ‘natural’ substances, like guarine, or guarana. Too much preworkout or preworkout supplements that have high levels of caffeine can make working out hard to do with a racing heartbeat, jittery nerves, and feeling overwhelmed by stimulation.

The Law of Conservation of Energy, which is the first law of thermodynamics states that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed”. Energy can only be transferred or changed from one form of energy to another. Many men make the mistake of believing that preworkout “gives” them energy or “makes” energy for them which they cannot muster up themselves. A combination of caffeine types and sugar is what “creates” energy out of preworkout supplements. High levels of both caffeine and sugar change into energy, but can also change into fat. Energy can be transferred from food choices which are healthier than caffeine and sugar. Energy can be changed from preworkout exercises to get the heart rate up naturally instead of using supplements. Converting energy to energy doesn’t require preworkout. Men are capable of getting in a good workout without preworkout drinks, caffeine jitters, or other adverse effects.

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