Just about every girl dreams of being a princess. For Christine Reitsma of Steams County, Minnesota, that dream came true–well, sort of. On August 22 at the Minnesota State Fair, 18-year-old Reitsma was crowned the 59th Princess Kay of the Milky Way, an annual title awarded to the winner of the ¬†Minnesota Dairy Princess Program. Each Princess Kay has her likeness carved in a 90-pound butter block, then spends the next year making public appearances to promote consumer connections with Minnesota dairy farm families. These farmers, who sponsor the program through the Midwest Dairy Association, are dedicated to producing wholesome milk while caring for their natural resources and animals. Their funds go towards a scholarship awarded to the winning Princess.

It’s so nice to see a program that not only supports young college students, but also encourages connections with local farms. Eating locally is a great way to help out smaller vendors (like the Minnesota dairy families!) and the environment by reducing the distance that products need to be shipped. With small-scale farmers committed to making wholesome foods, you get the added benefit of knowing your products are minimally processed, and therefore much healthier. Check out your farmer’s market today!


Wearing purple gloves and a plastic raincoat, ...
Linda Christensen works on a butter bust of Katie Miron, the 57th Princess Kay of the Milky Way, in a refrigerated glass studio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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