If you’re looking to bake in style, you can thank the 355 people who backed La Cuisinelle’s Ultimate Baking Mat on Kickstarter, raising $8,144 to fund the project in less than a month. The project, a fun-patterned, stylish non-stick silicone baking mat (that, for $250, can be custom-designed) makes baking simple, more eco-friendly, and easier on your wallet – no more wasting wax paper and tin foil or buying non-stick sprays. Designers Jon Lindholm and Brian Clemens write:

With silicone baking mats, cookies or biscuits simply slide right off of the mat with perfectly baked bottoms. Even melted cheese and melted sugar lifts right off. Some people use silicone mats for heating cheesy sandwiches, appetizers and even cooking meatballs.

They also note that the mats can be used over 2,000 times – great value for a product that costs in the $15 – $40 range depending on the style. The mats are also thicker than normal baking mats and aren’t tacky to the touch, warding off warpage and making them easier to keep clean. They also feature a hole in the side for easy storage.

The Ultimate Baking Mat project is definitely worth checking out! You can go here to find out more info.

[via Kickstarter]