Namaste Foods is a dream come true for sufferers of food allergies and sensitivities. This grassroots food manufacturer has been producing high-quality, worry-free baking mixes, pastas, and seasonings since 2000. All of their products are made in a special allergen-free facility and contain no gluten, wheat, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein, tree nuts, peanuts, or genetically modified ingredients. We picked up a bag of their pizza crust mix at our local Shop Rite to try out.

This perfectly seasoned mix makes two 14″ pizza crusts. Simply add water and oil, then spread the dough onto a pan and bake. In 20 minutes your crust will be ready for all your favorite pizza toppings. The package specifically calls for a 14″ pizza pan, but we used a baking sheet for a “Grandma style” pizza and it still turned out great. We decided to stick with a classic plain pizza, but some sautéed veggies and sausage would have really been delicious!

We loved that this mix was not only easy to make, but also incredibly close to regular homemade pizza crust. Some gluten-free baking mixes can result in a finished product that doesn’t have quite the same texture or taste as the “glutened” versions. We honestly would have believed that this crust was made using a regular mix if we hadn’t baked it ourselves! If all of Namaste’s mixes are this good, we can’t wait to try more of them.

Namaste Foods gluten free pizza crust mix is available in grocery stores and online for $5.49 per pack, or $31.25 for a 6-pack.

What would you top your Namaste gluten-free pizza with?

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