Stonewall Kitchen has been making and selling high-quality specialty foods since 1991. Founded by Jim Stott and Jonathan King, this company takes a “hands on” approach to their business, which started when Stott and King sold their homemade seasonal jams, pestos, oils, vinegars and baked goods at a local farmers’ market every Saturday. Today Stonewall Kitchen has expanded to include pastas, rubs and marinades, beverages, sauces and other condiments, but their wholesome, natural products with clean, simple labels recall their humble handmade beginnings.

Available on for $6.95

Stonewall’s Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce is part of their collection of delicious dessert toppings, which includes Pumpkin Caramel, Mocha Espresso, and Raspberry Liqueur. This gluten-free sauce sells for $6.95 on the company’s website and makes a rich, decadent hot fudge when heated. Just remove the lid, microwave for about 30 seconds on high and stir. Their recommendations include drizzling over ice cream or stirring into hot coffee, but we like to spread it on toast with peanut butter or use it to top cakes and brownies. Try this pumpkin brownie recipe using Stonewall Kitchen’s Triple Fudge Brownie mix!

Our all-time favorite Stonewall products are definitely the fresh fruit jams, like Wild Maine Blueberry and Raspberry Peach Champagne. Visit to view their complete product listings, including a line of gluten-free baking mixes.