So, it’s August. It has taken a little time for it to sink in, but we’re finally getting into the groove of it. And now that we’re in the full swing of things, it’s time for a recipe roundup celebrating National Peach Month!

Some fun facts about the peach:

1. While we do love a Georgia peach, peaches originated in old world Persia and the Mediterranean.

2. Peaches with white flesh tend to be sweeter than peaches with yellow flesh, which tend to be more tangy or acidic.

3. In Chinese culture, the peach tree is considered a tree of life and said to bring luck, protection, and unity.

Yes, we know, there seems to always be a National Food Holiday looming, but what could be a better excuse to post – and look through – extensive amounts of food pictures from our favorite food groups (in this case: fruit). Let’s enjoy the great flavor of juicy peaches and find ways to prepare it, both sweet and savory.

While, yes, we do think the ultimate peach recipe is a crumbly peach crisp, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the fruit, too. Here we’ve given you 5 recipes to celebrate this month the delicious and healthy way.


1. Vegan Peach Crisp via Girl Makes Food

vegan peach crisp

Here is (probably) our greatest guilty pleasure. Any kind of “crisp” placed in front of me – whether it be apple, blueberry, peach – will be inhaled in a single sitting. I am not even ashamed to say it! Here is a healthy vegan peach crisp which will be sure to give you all the taste without any of the regret. We suggest making this when a big group of friends is over… you’ll be less tempted to pick off the sweet, crunchy topping!

2. Roast Chicken with Balsamic Peaches via Real Simple

roastchicken balsamic peaches

Peaches and chicken? When I was younger, and my palate was less “refined” (let’s say), I did not understand the concept of sweet and savory together. Now I think that nothing complements each other better! This warm dish is sure to make your stomach happy.

3. Savory Peach Salad via Pithy and Cleaver

savory peach salad

Again, I used to think fruit in my salad was weird. What the heck! How wrong I was. This cheesy, nutty, and bitter greens salad is elevated thanks to the juicy peaches. Taste explosion guaranteed.

4. Vegan, Gluten Free Peach Pancake Cobbler via Healthful Pursuit

vegan gluten free peach cobbler

What on earth would we do without baked goods? Yes, we did just mention a peach crisp recipe, but here is a peach pancake cobbler. We don’t know what that means but this healthy creation will have you wondering if National Peach Month could come around every month. It’s like a cake and a pie and a pancake in one… Need we say more? Bliss.

5. Grilled Halibut with Peach Salsa via Cooking Light

grilled halibut peach salsa

Summer is nearing its end and while we’re trying with all our might to brush back the tears, we plan on taking full advantage of delicious, light, and refreshing meals. This grilled halibut and peach salsa is perfect for a warm August night.


Do you like your peaches sweet or savory?