With Halloween coming up in less than two weeks, one thing that you can’t avoid thinking about is the candy. Whether you’re ringing doorbells for it, handing it out, or just eating it, candy and Halloween go together like turkey and Thanksgiving—it’s just not the same without it! Unfortunately, the sugar, fat and calories in most candy can be the scariest thing about the holiday. Making your own candy at home is a fun, easy way to control the ingredients in your sweets this Halloween. Here are some of our favorite recipes for DIY Halloween candy from around the web. Click the photo for the recipe!



Photo provided courtesy of Purely Twins

This no-bake pumpkin pie fudge couldn’t be easier—simply combine everything and stick it in the fridge!


Photo provided courtesy of Elana’s Pantry 

These all-natural, gluten free homemade Mounds have only four ingredients and take less than 30 minutes from start to finish.


Photo provided courtesy of Tracey’s Culinary Adventures

A copycat version that looks and tastes just like the real thing. Make them up to a month ahead of time and give them out as gifts!


Photo provided courtesy of Deliciously Organic 

You’ll love these bite-sized five-ingredient candy bars. Who knew it could be so simple to make healthy Almond Joys at home?


Photo provided courtesy of The Hungry Mouse

Homemade marshmallows can seem intimidating, but this step-by-step tutorial makes it easy. The hardest part is having enough patience to actually wait for them to set—we’d just stop at the “fluff” stage and call it a day!

Check out these other great homemade candy recipes:

Photo provided courtesy of Oh She Glows

Vegan, Gluten Free “Rolo” Knock-offs and Vegan “Kit Kat” Bars from Oh She Glows
Healthy Butterfingers and Pumpkin Pie Reeses from Chocolate Covered Katie
Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookie Bars from Eat, Live, Run (sort of like a Twix bar!)


Have you ever tried making a homemade version of your favorite candy bar? How did it turn out? Let us know!