Throughout the years, there have been studies that red wine has many health benefits. Resveratrol, a compound that is found in red wines and grapes, has been mentioned often to have been linked to these benefits. Although red wine may be able to help with your health, we must make you aware though that consumption of wine should be in moderation. According to “Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010”, “If alcohol is consumed, it should be consumed in moderation – up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men”. So an occasional glass of wine will benefit you better.

Health Benefits of Wine

One main factor that many talk about of red wine is that it’s good for your heart. Since resveratrol is a powerful antioxident, it can protect your arteries and heart against saturated fat in your diet. According to Mayo Clinic, it can also protect you from cardiovascular disease and increase the high-density lipoprotein, or the “good cholesterol”. This may be some good news if you are a red wine drinking because the has anti-anging properties. Although these properties were recently researched, it has been known for thousands of years that wine can contribute to longer lifespans due to procyanidins. Resveratrol also plays a part in giving you a more youthful appearance. Other health benefits of red wine include preventing dementia, prevent extreme sunburn, protecting the brain from damage of a stroke, preventing tooth decay and raising the levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Red Wines That Have the Best Health Benefits

Now that you have some reasons of why red wines can be good for your health, what are the ones that are the best to drink? Here are a few below that you should keep in your wine cabinet.

Madirans and Cabernets

These wines contain very high levels of procyanidins which increases longevitivy, improves arterial health and cardiovascular health. Wines from France, Sardinia and Italy have the highest procyanidin levels which are mainly made from Tannat grapes.

Pinot Noir

According to Leroy Creasy, Ph.D., a professor emeritus in the Department of Horticulture at Cornell University, found that pinot noir that have been growing in rainy, cool climates will have the highest concentrations of resveratrol. He also suggest that the best place to find pinot noir wines with high resveratrol is from tradional old-fashioned wineries or boutique wineries.

Red Wines That are Dry

Flavonoids are known to be found in red wines that have a dry flavor profile. Flavonoids are antioxidants that help to prevent coronary heart disease and promote healthy cholesterol levels. Cabenets are examples of these types of wines that boast higher levels of flavonoids.

Important information: Although wine consumption can benefit your health, drinking too much can lead to serious health problems and/or alcoholism.

What is your favorite red wine?

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