For those of us who aren’t baking delicious goodies on a daily or weekly basis, you might find that one package of brown sugar sits in your pantry for months at a time. When you do dig it out of your pantry to bake, let’s say,  a birthday cake, you find that you need a hammer and chisel to actually break into the stuff. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Sure there is! With a few simple tricks of the trade, you, too, can have fresh and soft brown sugar every single time you go to bake – even if it is twice a year.

Know How To Store It

You may have figured this out in all of your experiences with it: Brown sugar is actually a very moist substance when you first buy it. So the little that it does have easily escapes over time. That’s right, liquid will actually evaporate out of your brown sugar, leaving those sweet brown granules of goodness all clumpy, sticky and hard as a rock. One quick way to help prevent this is to store it in an airtight container, which will really be key in preventing the evaporation process.

Use A Marshmallow, Apple Or Slice Of Bread

Supposedly, each of these methods work the same way. Simply stick a few marshmallows, or an apple, or a slice of bread in with your brown sugar, and seal the bag up tight. The granules will draw moisture from each of these objects in order to sustain its own moisture, thereby preventing the dried, clumpy mess you usually end up with.

Buy A Sugar Saver

If preserving food using other foods isn’t really your thing, you can always buy a Brown Sugar Saver. They have different brands out there to try, but we enjoy the Terra Cotta Brown Sugar Saver. Drop these tiny clay discs into an airtight jar of brown sugar, and the result is that your brown sugar will stay soft much longer than any other method. Don’t care to make a purchase specifically for your brown sugar? If you have a clay pot around, break a piece off, and place it under water for about 30 seconds. Dry it off, and then stick it inside your airtight jar of sugar, it should work the same way as the saver.

Don’t let your brown sugar frustrations keep you from baking up a storm!

Do you have any trick for keeping soft and fresh brown sugar in your home?