Sony Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen Edition

If you’re anything like me, you love cooking and you absolutely adore technology. When you can put the two together, the result is something akin to perfect harmony and Seventh Heaven rolled into one. I’ve always used my iPad in the kitchen to look up recipes, find substitutions for ingredients, and to browse the latest in kitchen gadgets and apps. Unfortunately, keeping the thing clean and away from liquids is a challenge, especially when one of my kids is helping me. You know kids – they aren’t the most careful bunch, ya know?

One day while browsing the Net for kitchen gadgets, I happened upon the Sony Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen Edition. Right off the bat, my heart started racing and I felt the excitement build. This cool tablet is WATERPROOF! That means no more “crying over spilled milk,” if you’ll excuse the pun. And what’s even better is this little kitchen genius includes $115 worth of accessories and pre-installed apps. The one I’m most excited about is the iGrill meat thermometer. This baby works wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection and your Xperia Tablet to let you know when your meat has reached optimal internal temperature. That means no more hovering around the oven for the last half an hour of cooking time, opening and closing the door to monitor the temperature. No, no! Now you just sit back, grab a glass of wine and wait for your Tablet to tell you the meat is done. You might even want to play a game or two while you wait!

Apps Included on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen Edition

The Xperia Tablet comes pre-loaded with hundreds of cool apps, but some of the big ones include:

  • BigOven – Lets you take 250,000 recipes (including your own!), your grocery list and menu plan with you wherever you go. This makes shopping for ingredients so much easier!
  • Evernote Food – Helps you remember which foods and restaurants you like best. This essentially is your very own food diary to note your experiences in food.
  • Juicing Recipes – Interested in juicing and its health benefits? This app gives you all the info you need, including recipes to maintain a healthy juicing diet.
  • Food Planner Pro – Allows you to sync you menu plan, grocery list, recipes and more between multiple devices. You can even keep track of your food inventory at home with this handy app.
  • iGrill Pro – The app that works with the included iGrill meat thermometer.
  • Out of Milk Shopping List – If you’re a list person, you’ll love this app. Make shopping lists, pantry inventory lists and to-do lists and keep them with you wherever you go.

The Xperia Tablet: Kitchen Edition has been out for a year or so now, but with Christmas fast approaching, I’m throwing this out there as THE gift to give your favorite foodie this year. I know I’m asking for one!