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Sometimes stocking stuffers make the best gifts around.  After all, where else can you give a multi-part gift in one present? Kitchen gadgets are perfect stocking stuffers for the veteran cook or the brand new homeowner. Here are some stocking stuffer ideas to get the foodie in your life.


Yes, you could certainly put plastic measuring cups and spoons in a stocking but what fun is that?  We love the set of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons from All Clad.  They last forever and because the measuring cups are heavy, they don’t tip over easily. And, let’s face it, putting something in the bottom of a stocking that’s relatively heavy makes for a great mystery.


You can go cheap or you can go pricey when it comes to towels for the kitchen. We like getting a set of white bar towels because they’re small and relatively inexpensive. However, we also love the idea of giving very colorful towels that your chef will enjoy for a pop of color in her kitchen.


Microplane puts out a line of zesters and graters that take the place of your grandma’s old fashioned box grater.  They come in sets and will fit perfectly in a stocking.


Do you know someone who has been longing for a new chef’s knife?  This may be a perfect time to give it to them.  Naturally, you’re going to want to look for a knife that has a sheath on it so that it will be protected in the stocking. And you don’t have to buy the most expensive knife.  We’ve seen chefs use knives from the grocery store and have just as much luck in the kitchen.


Spatulas come in two types: rubber for cleaning mixing bowls and flat for turning items in fry pans. Both of them would be great additions to a kitchen gadget stocking.  Make sure the heads on the rubber spatulas come off easily for cleaning and that the flat spatulas are ergonomic for a good grip.

Wooden Spoons

Also a wonderful addition to a stocking for kitchen gadgetry, wooden spoons frequently come in sets of five and are very inexpensive.


Find a pair of tongs that lock closed so you can slip it easily into the stocking.  You may also want to find ones that have rubber on the ends so food doesn’t get torn or shredded when they’re being used.

Pastry Bags

If you know someone who loves to bake, pick up a couple of pastry bags with some fun tips and stick them in their stocking.


One of our favorite sets of whisks is covered with a rubber material so the whisk does not scratch a metal bowl.  These covered whisks come in yummy colors like Caribbean green and sun yellow and brighten up any kitchen.

Coming up with ideas for your favorite chef at Christmastime is a breeze when you put kitchen gadgets in their stocking.

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Which of these stocking stuffer ideas is your favorite?