Yes, we all know that diet soda is bad for you. By now, our culture is well aware of the negative affects of the sugar and aspartame that diet soda contains, but it seems as though people just don’t care so much.

Diet soda tastes good and is addictive, so it’s important that people understand exactly what will happen if they make the positive change to stop drinking it. Without a good grasp of what will soon follow when you stop drinking diet soda, you might will struggle to kick the habit.

Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Headaches And Grogginess Stop

You hear horror stories about what happens when you quit drinking diet soda, and you’re stunned in action because you’re afraid of the headaches, grogginess and withdrawal symptoms. Truth be told, you’ll have less of a problem with headaches than you likely do now. Why? Aspartame messes with your brain on many levels, and one thing it does is alter the chemicals and nerve signals that lead to headaches, anxiety and insomnia. You may have a week or so of negative “withdrawal” symptoms, especially in times where you’re used to having your fix, but overall your days will consist of a clearer head and a painless head as aspartame is no longer wreaking havoc on it.

You Can Taste More

It may sound crazy, but it’s completely true: Diet soda overwhelms your tastebuds whenever you drink it – the sweetness stifles any other potential taste you may enjoy with the drink. Why? Aspartame is over 200 times sweeter than table sugar. In drinking a beverage that’s so sweet, it’s no wonder you can’t tame that sugar craving in any other way. Take a step back from diet soda for a bit, and we guarantee that you’ll enjoy the foods you do eat more. Good, wholesome foods – like fruit – will suddenly satisfy that sweet tooth, and diet soda will become intolerable to you as it’s simply too sweet.

You’ll Lose Some Weight

Diet soda is a bit of an oxymoron, simply because people start drinking it in an effort to shed some pounds. Just because diet soda has less sugar doesn’t mean that it’s a good tool in your weight loss efforts. Studies show that diet sodas, more than many other beverages, are one of the primary causes of adult belly fat. Other studies show that drinking diet soda daily will increase metabolic syndrome, which leads to heart disease and diabetes. If you want to steer clear of obesity, high blood pressure and high triglycerides, steer clear of diet soda.

These days it’s a no brainer – diet soda, specifically the aspartame found int it – is terrible on your health. Stop drinking it, and you’ll immediately see a difference in the way you feel, in the food you taste, and the numbers on your scale. Once you see what happens when you stop, you’ll never go back!

Have you stopped drinking diet soda?