Everyone knows that friend. The friend who orders a salad every time they are out, but you fail to see any vegetables. That friend that puts so much hot sauce on their chicken, that there is no way they even are getting protein at that point. People would usually joke “Don’t go OD”  on the sauce. Unfortunately we aren’t joking when we talk about these two pieces of breaking news.

These foodie news items from over the weekend feature two teens who both went a little buckwild in the sauce department. On June 6, it was reported that a teen in a Chicago suburb spiked the hot sauce in his school cafeteria. The incident occurred on May 14, and sent 3 staffers to the hospital. They reported shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing  and the sauce stopped being served after a student notified the staff. The 17 year old teen will likely have to face juvenile court, and has prompted the school to install cameras in the area. The sauce he used was of the “Da Bomb” brand, and though it is unknown which variation he used, one of the Variations of “Da Bomb” disclaims “Warning: Do NOT eat this sauce straight out of the jar! You will die.”  Thankfully that was not the result of the sauce-spike but either way the marinara mix-up will certainly have the teen in trouble.

Another teen, another stupid sauce story. In a dare, (that makes it perfectly fine right? I mean you can’t turn down a dare) a teen in Virginia drank an entire quart of soy sauce. To put it into some perspective there is 2 or 3 tablespoons of soy sauce in the average stir fry, and there are 64 tablespoons of of sauce in a quart. The teen and his friends soon realized that this much soy contains quite a lot of salt. The teen quickly fell into a hypernatremia-induced coma, and remained in one for three days! Amazingly, the boy made a full recovery and suffered no lasting neurological damage.

So in conclusion, let’s just say the old as time saying “everything in moderation” is very much true with condiments as well. So if you take anything out of these teens and their less than intelligent choices, don’t guzzle a sauce that is made out of pure hot peppers.

Feature image: Robert S. Donovan via photopin cc