summer uncommon ingredients

We’ve discussed some summer time favorites in the fruits and vegetable category, but what if you want to take it to the next level? What are some of the uncommon ingredients that are available in the summer to try out something new and give you a mouthful of memories whether it be to have each summer or just to keep it as a one time thing. We’ve got a few ingredients that we think you should give a go and have a new eating experience.

Summer Uncommon Ingredients


As for the word goes, it may be something that could be familiar to you already if you are thinking it a pig or hog. Nevertheless, you are thinking correctly that it is a farm animal, but not the type that you think. A hoggart is a one year old lamb that is in its second year of spring or summer season. Hoggarts have a better texture and flavor to it and can be cooked quickly after it has a good covering of fat and has been hung for at least 10 to 14 days. It’ makes for delicious recipes such as casseroles and stews or roasted and braised.

Baboon Lemon

Baboon lemons are similar as in color to regular lemons, but that is the only similarity. It is within the lemon variety, yet the size of it is extra large and the taste is more than the sour taste of an ordinary lemon. Some familiarized the taste as to a lime, but it also can be spicy on your palate and is thought to have some of that curry spice to it. The baboon lemon originates from Brazil and is mostly paired to savory dishes.

Dragon Fruit

Summer and early fall are the peak time to grab yourself some dragon fruit. It’s pink color and green spikes on the fruit that gave it the look of the dragon, gave it it’s popular name. Found at your grocery store or farmer’s market, it can be create into smoothies, cocktails, salads and paired with seafoods. If the taste doesn’t get everyone talking this summer, the look of the fruit sure will.


If you closed your eyes and give this herb a taste, you would swear that you were tasting a fresh cucumber. Borage has a fresh and clean flavor that will combine great with several recipes such as salads or as an ingredient to a green smoothie. An easy use of the herb is using it as an accent for your iced tea or favorite lemonade.


What are some uncommon ingredients that you want to try this summer?


 image: istockphoto