We’ve discussed superfoods from time to time and the importance of eating them. Yet, have you ever wondered what exactly is a superfood? How do foods get chosen for this category and what exactly are the best superfoods for your body?

What Exactly is a Superfood?

Well, a superfood is not one to dress up in a cape and tights to show you that it is the best for you to saving the day that you may imagine. Although there is no exact scientific definition to what a superfood actually is, it is considered to be a “functional food” which is the food’s ability to affect more target functions of the body. They provide more nutritional value than just a single food that aids in basic survival. They are also thought to be more beneficial for certain conditions and illnesses. Superfoods are all unprocessed and natural food that are still delicious when they are cooked or prepared properly without having any artificial ingredients added.

How Are Foods Chosen to be a Superfood?

There are certain criteria that foods are checked for to see if they can be included in the superfood category. All of these qualities make it even more better to start eating these foods.

  • Essential fatty acids
  • Clean protein
  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes
  • Vitamins
  • Good fats
  • Vitamins
  • Anitoxidants
  • Vitamins

When a food possess these qualities, it is a given that they will give your body a higher nutritional component. Superfoods also have phytonnutrient content that has disease fighting properties.

Incorporating Superfoods in Your Diet

Since there are many supefoods available, incorporating them into your diet shouldn’t be too hard. They can help transition you into eating more healthy, achieve your ideal weight and even help to relieve stress. They can be eaten raw or cooked. A few ideas to help eat them include:

Side dish
On top of yogurt
Mixed with cereal or oatmeal

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Everyone needs superfoods in their life. As discussed, it is great asset to your healthy and even may help you live longer.

What are you thoughts on superfoods?

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