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R-Rated Movies Imagined as Part of a Children’s Book (via Redesign Revolution)

Cartoon Pulp Fiction

Ever wonder what your favorite r-rated movies would look like in children book form? No? Well neither did I until I stumbled across this picture series by Pixar storyboard artist, Josh Cooley. The animation genius took some of our generations most iconic, violent films and re-imagined them into storybook approved illustrations. The contrast between the simplistic sketches and the brutal scenes they depicts creates for a series that is as amusing as it is disturbing.

21 Hair Problems that Guys will Never Understand (via Haute Talk)

Hair Problems

Men (with short hair) have it so easy! All they have to do is roll out of bed and tousle they’re short locks and they’re good to go out and greet the world. Us ladies? Forget about it. Many of us spend upwards of an hour trying to make our glorious manes sit in just the right position only to go outside and have them harassed by rain/wind/snow/humidity/whatever. It’s the worst.

10 Tips for Healthier Snacking in College (via Surviving College)


As a student, I know how difficult it can be to find the time to sit down to a meal. We’re always on the go, whether we’re running to make it to class or hitting the books to finish a last minute essay. For those days when you hardly have time to brush your hair, let alone eat a sandwich, it’s a good idea to be prepared with snacks. This article provides ten simple snack ideas to help you stay energized as you power through your school day.

3 Tasty Juice Cleanse Programs: Reviewed (via Bite Size Wellness)


Juice cleanses have become all the rage lately. I have yet to attempt one because I’m a big fan of chewing my nutrients rather than sipping them but if you’re curious, this article reviews three of the most popular ones. As delicious as all the juices look and sound, I don’t know if I’m quite ready to give up food for more than an hour yet.

#TravelProblems, As Told By Chelsea Handler Gifs (via Travel Freak)

Chelsea Handler Travel

We’re all familiar with the headaches that traveling induces. From long flights to time changes and baggage fees to unpredictable weather, getting to your destination can be a hassle. Nothing expresses those frustrations better than multiple gifs of Chelsea Handler, trust me.

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