Tomatoes are in season at the farmers market! While you can now find tomatoes all year round at a typical grocery store, to me they just do not have the same flavor as summer, vine-ripened, local tomatoes. There are also lots of varieties available now! Ever seen funny looking tomatoes, like in the picture above? Those are heirloom tomatoes. Heirloom Tomato varieties have been passed down through several generation, and have not been manipulated in a lab. They are natural, delicious, and beautiful! Heirloom tomatoes also tend to be a bit sweeter and have a firmer texture than regular red tomatoes.

So what is the healthiest way to cook tomatoes? We are of the mind that a ripe tomato is perfect as is, and doesn’t need to be cooked. Our favorite way to eat them is with a classic flavor combination: caprese salad. How do you make a caprese salad? Caprese salad is simply tomatoes, fresh (we prefer organic) mozzarella cheese, fresh local basil, and olive oil salt and pepper. With fresh summer ingredients, this is filling enough to be an entire meal!

Other ways to incorporate tomatoes into your healthy cooking, are through adding them to salads, sauces, and breakfast items like omelets. Tomatoes can stand up to all types of cooking preparations: baked, roasted, grilled, or even fried!