I have lots of very slim friends who live in California and practically have frozen yogurt daily. But is it really healthy? Well it is healthier than plain old ice cream, and is usually lower in fat, but it does have tons of sugars plus adding toppers just adds more calories. Regular yogurt has 2 types of good bacteria which gets lost in the freezing process in most frozen yogurts. The main ingredients in frozen yogurt are milk and sugar; therefore even if it is low in fat it is very high in carbs. Below are the top 5 frozen yogurts according to nutritional information. It depends on what you’re looking for, Red Mango states it has more than 400 million live cultures per gram; Tasti D lite has far fewer calories than the others, Yogurberry uses natural fruit sugar. And remember always choose fruits for your toppings!

What’s your go-to fro-yo chain?
For more nutritional information on other flavors from these chains, click the links:
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