Have you ever watch cooking shows and love the recipes that the chefs cook? Have you ever wonder how you can replicate those recipes, but in a more healthier way? There are ways you can turn those high-calorie recipes into foods that are low-fat and still delicious. Here are some secret tips from top chefs on how to create recipes that are lighter and healthy.

Top Chef Secrets to Cooking Healthier

Buy in Season

Buying fruits and vegetables in season will give you the most nutrients. They are extremely healthier, plus give you a natural variety to your diet, especially when you buy them locally.

Use Healthy Fat Substitutions

Fruit purees and low-fat yogurt can be used in replace of butter and fat in baked goods, side dishes and dressings. The yogurt will be more flavorful and thicker when the whey and liquids are separated, while the fruit puree can pique the flavors in the side dishes and dressings.

Citrus for Some Tang

Ahh yes, citrus! Squeezing a bit of lime or lemon juice before serving stews and soups will give them a burst of flavor. You can also marinate seafood for about 15 minutes before grilling with lemon or lime to add tanginess.

Use the Right Oil

Olive oil have become one of the popular choices of oils to cook with because it is healthy for your heart. Olive oil should be drizzled on your dish just before serving. Grape seed oil is another that is great for cooking because you can use it for sauteing at a high temperature.

Use the Right Tools

You may think investing in cooking tools will not help with cooking healthier, but it actually does. Using an ultrafine shredder will give you more coverage on food when you are shredding cheese and you won’t use as much. The cheese that is shredded will give you more flavor with every bite, along with less calories. Other cooking tools you should invest in is a food scale, mallet and olive oil sprayers.

What top chef secrets have you used for healthy cooking?

Image: iStockPhoto