Are Pineberries the New Strawberries

Pineberries have a unique look to them. They have a white coloring with red looking seeds and are smaller in size than strawberries. The scientific name is Fragaria ananassa and these little fruits are a strawberry cultivar. They also taste like pineapples. The texture of pineberries are still the same as strawberries, soft, juicy flesh.

Originating from South America, the pineberries are the oldest strawberry variety and before 2003, they were nearly extinct. Around 2011, they became available in bakeries, wholesale markets and restaurants in the UK market and in 2012 became available in the New York called Virginia strawberry.

Pineberries can pair up nicely with vanilla, basil, pepper, apricots, pork, cloves and pine nuts. Since the berries are not found worldwide, they are mostly purchased through farmers markets and are available from summer through early winter. Pineberries can be used in just the same fashion as regular strawberries and taste great fresh or as a garnish.

Pineberry Recipes

1. Pineberry Smoothie (via Fruitsinfo)

2. Pineberry Slush (via Sandy’s Vegan Blogs and Blahs)

3. Chocolate Cake & Pineberries (via Icons Colours of Taste)


Mix for chocolate cake
2 dark chocolate bars (70%)
Pineapple juice
Strawberry syrup
500 gr pineberries


Wash the pineberries. Remove the caps on 250 grams of pineberries, leave the caps on the other 250 grams.

Mix the chocolate cake as indicated on the package. Add a splash of pineapple juice, strawberry syrup and 250g pineberries to the mix.

Grease the tin and pour the batter into the mold. Put the cake in the oven for the minimum time, no longer. Let the cake cool off. Remove the cake from the mold.

When the cake has cooled, melt one and a half chocolate bar au bain-marie. Pour the melted chocolate over the cake. Place 10 to 15 pineberries in a row on the cake.

You can put the remaining pineberries on the plate for garnish. Break the chocolate you have left into pieces and put on the cake between the row of pineberries.


Pineberries should be stored the same as strawberries, but they are best eaten fresh.

Would you try the unique pineberries in replace of strawberries?


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