It’s not really a secret that we as a country have a portion control problem. Even with nutrition facts labels, many of us severely overestimate the serving sizes of the food we eat, probably because we’re so accustomed to insane portions from restaurants. The problem is, a lot of us tend to ignore that handy information on the back of a box or bag that tells us the recommended amount of food we should be eating. A serving of Doritos, for example, is 11 chips. Next time you reach into a bag of chips, see how many are in your average handful. We guarantee it’s probably more than that.

BuzzFeed took the liberty of creating this video to demonstrate just how warped our food serving sizes are. Do your portions of these foods look more like the recommended amount, or what everyone really eats? They key to keeping your serving sizes in check is making sure you actually measure out your food. If it seems like too little, you may need to retrain your mind into accepting the recommended portions as enough. Need help? Follow these simple tricks to eat less and still feel full.


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