Nearly seven months since Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey’s coast, many of the beaches and boardwalks along the famous (or infamous) Jersey Shore are back up and running just in time for the official start of “beach season.” The affected shore towns, which make most of their money from summer tourism, have been racing since October to rebuild by Memorial Day weekend, and according to Chris Christie, “we’re 80% there.”

The governor and his family weren’t the only ones to help celebrate the Jersey Shore reopening. One of our favorite celebrity chefs Giada de Laurentiis appeared on the TODAY show this morning sharing her favorite boardwalk treats. While they’re not exactly healthy (almost everything is fried!!!), they really do look delicious! For the full segment, visit

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If you want to help ‘Restore the Shore’ by buying boardwalk food but don’t want to compromise your healthy lifestyle, try some lower calorie treats like plain popcorn or Italian ice. Can’t resist the fried Oreos or Tornado Fries? Bring a buddy to share it with you! 🙂

Do you have a favorite boardwalk food?

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