Village Voice Choice Eats lineup

If you’re in New York and you’re into food, then listen up. Next week, on Tuesday, March 25th is the Village Voice Choice Eats Restaurant Bonanza! If you haven’t already gotten your tickets then get to it now, because you might (or might not) be in luck! This is one of the ultimate foodie events, featuring plenty of amazing restaurants you won’t be able to get enough of. We can hardly wait to attend. Oh yeah, did we tell you? We’re going! Healthy Way to Cook is going to bring you Food Festival Madness, firsthand. To prepare, we have brought you a little sneak peek at what we are excited to taste, test, and see with our very own eyes!

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Beechers Handmade Cheese Mac N Cheese

Everyone loves cheese. Seriously. Unless you’re vegan, dairy-free, or lactose intolerant, it’s probably one of your top five comfort foods. Heck, even if you don’t eat cheese anymore, you probably still have fond memories of it! Beecher’s revolves around just this: cheese; and, they happen to make a mean mac n’ cheese. To say we were excited would be an understatement. Bite sized cups of pure bliss, here we come! While healthy alternatives are beloved by us, sometimes we need the real deal.

Clarke’s Standard

Clarkes Standard Burger

Clarke. PJ Clarke. The New York burger classic has expanded to a more casual burger joint in recent years but it is just as good. Just looking at this meal, makes us happy. Happy meal, what? However, not only does this taste good, but it also might be slightly better for you than your usual McDonald’s Drive-Thru. Promising “100% freshly-ground USDA-verified Natural Angus free of hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives”, you’ll get all the bang for your buck.

Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy NYC dessert

Dirt Candy seems like an interesting name for a foodie restaurant, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. There are no “mud pies” here. A vegetarian mainstay in the East Village / Alphabet City area which specializes in veggie-based sweets, treats, and smaller dishes. It’s not as crazy as it sounds we’ve heard, and we’re excited to find out.

Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant Tres Leches Blackout Donuts

What is there to be said about this uber-famous New York doughnut authority? Besides the fact that they make doughnuts in the most intriguing of flavors like peanut butter & jelly, tres leches, and other seasonal/holiday specialties, they are also delicious, fluffy, and the stuff dreams are made of.

Edi and the Wolf

Edi and the Wolf Schnitzel

This Austrian restaurant, also located in Alphabet City, specializes in… meat. Schnitzel, ribs, steak. Oh you know, the typical German fare. Ladies, don’t be afraid to get that protein in.

The Kati Roll Company

the kati roll company

Everything instantly becomes better when it is in a wrap. This is fact. The Kati Roll Company specializes in creating the most delicious of concoctions by wrapping your choice of filling in a warm paratha (a type of Indian flatbread). This not only makes it incredibly comforting but also incredibly portable and non-messy! In addition, vegans and vegetarians can rejoice. They have plenty of veggie options to keep you satisfied.

The Meatball Shop

the meatball shop meatballs

It’s funny how something as classic and as simple as the meatball could have been the catalyst for such an empire. While you might not immediately think “empire” when thinking of The Meatball Shop, its foodie following begs to differ. Having locations in multiple New York boroughs,experienced plenty of press, and amassed a group of loyal followers, who wouldn’t be excited to nab a bite or two of these wondrous meatballs. Their top notch ingredients, perfect seasoning, and variety of styles are enough to make your head spin. They aren’t only featured as a spaghetti topper, but instead made into mini sliders, sandwiches, and smash.

Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.

oddfellows ice cream shop burnt marshmallow flavor

What is so special about ice cream? Well, besides the fact that it reminds us of happier times ahead (ahem, warmer weather), this ice cream shop takes ice cream flavor to the next level. Their crazy concoctions include anything from chorizo and caramel, TObacco Leaf Smoked Chili Huckleberry, and Burnt Marshmallow (pictured above). Are we crazy for looking forward to this?

Red Hook Lobster Pound

red hook lobster pound lobster rolls

Red Hook Lobster Pound has been around since what was seemingly the recent reemergence of foodie culture. Featured everywhere from Smorgasburg to Serious Eats, there’s definitely enough lobster to go around, and we’re more than ready to take a bite.

Xe May Sandwich Shop

xe may sandwich shop

Finally, what we think is definitely an underrated attendee : Xe May Sandwich shop. With such a diverse menu, we are excited to see what they debut at the tasting. Perhaps a sandwich? Noodles? Whatever it is, it is bound to cure our craving for exotic Asian cuisine.


In all honesty, we could probably daydream of food all day long, but we’ll save our appetites until next week!

What restaurant are you most excited to see?

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