Weight Watchers snacks

When it comes to eating healthy and watching your weight, it can be a hard time for some. Usually people find it hard to not snack so often and will feel guilty when they do. Yet, there should be no reason why you should feel guilty as long as you are having healthy snacks. There are so many temptations out there that can throw you a curve ball, but with a little bit of strength and knowledge, that can be a step to overcome.

One of the most popular programs that have been out for years to help with healthy eating is Weight Watchers. When you start out with the program, you may come to find that there may not be too many snacks that you could enjoy depending on your taste, however, there are plenty that you can make for yourself that are under 5 points or that you can purchase from your local grocery store just as easily. These will help you lose weight and make you feel good.

Weight Watchers snacks under 5 points

Snacks Worth 0 Points
The best option for a healthy snack is obviously fruits and vegetables. Besides this, you do have other options such as:

Fruit cocktail in water (1 cup)
Fruit-flavored ice pops
Sugar-free gelatin (1 cup)
Mini marshmallows (10 pieces)
Bell Pepper Candy

Snacks Worth 1 Point
Buffalo Style Stuffed Celery
Cheese (1 oz)

Snacks Worth 2 Points
Graham crackers (2 squares)
Zucchini Tots

Snacks Worth 3 Points
Animal Crackers (13 pieces)
Skinny Berry Parfait
Pretzel Rods (1 oz)

Snacks Worth 4 Points
Cinnamon Tortilla Chips
Almonds (1/4 cup)
Teriyaki Trail Mix

Snacks Worth 5 Points – Not UNDER 5 points but right at 5 points!
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Cashews (1/4 cup)

These are only a few of many, many snacks that you can indulge in while sticking with your weight watchers plan. One key though is to eat snacks in moderation. Even though these snacks are low in point value, they still can carry a high amount of calories which can hurt your weight loss if you are eating more then you should. Although these may be a “guilty pleasure” they will keep your from being hungry as often between your main meals and they will help to keep your blood sugar up. Also always view the Weight Watchers official site for any information regarding the program as well as how points are determined.

How is your success with Weight Watchers?

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