We LOVE What I Ate Wednesday, a weekly food diary “party” hosted by one of our favorite bloggers, Jenn of Peas and Crayons. What I Wish I Ate Wednesday is Healthy Way to Cook’s roundup of the best What I Ate Wednesday posts from the previous week.

Posts from February 26:

eggs avocado tomato basil brunch

If your mouth isn’t watering after looking at this brilliantly composed work of brunch perfection, there might be something seriously wrong with you. Amy from The Little Honey Bee found this absolutely delectable brunch main course in Peru, at Jack’s Cafe. There’s no need to travel all the way to South America for this meal, though. For a homemade brunch that will make your friends love you even more, just slice up a few soft avocados and ripe tomatoes, toast some of your favorite bakery bread, fry a couple farm fresh eggs, and throw on a few basil leaves for good measure.

greek yogurt granola blueberries breakfast

Most of us are guilty of substituting weekday breakfasts with an energy bar on the morning commute or a rushed bowl of soggy cereal just a minute before we have to leave the house. I know it often seems impossible, but it takes minimal effort to set aside a few minutes in the morning for a balanced and filling meal that is sure to satiate until lunchtime. Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Eats offers this sure-proof morning motivator composed of creamy Greek yogurt, crunchy granola, and fresh blueberries. Save the energy bars for emergency use only.

healthy chicken tikka masala

Ahh, Chicken Tikka Masala. The name itself brings about thoughts of comfort, warmth, and the perfect amount of spiciness. Beneath that comfort, warmth, and spiciness lies an unfortunately mind-boggling amount of heavy cream and seemingly unattainable intricate combinations of garam masala. But I don’t want to discourage you too much from eating, and cooking, this Indian delicacy. Whitney from To Live and Diet in L.A. created this healthy and simple version of Tikka Masala. Hold the cream and save the trip to the fancy food store.

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