We LOVE What I Ate Wednesday, a weekly food diary “party” hosted by one of our favorite bloggers, Jenn of Peas and Crayons. What I Wish I Ate Wednesday is Healthy Way to Cook’s roundup of the best What I Ate Wednesday posts from the previous week.

Posts from August 21:

Slimsanity Mashed Cauliflower Pancakes

If it’s got eggs in it, you can sign me up. Since I’m a vegetarian who also happens to be lactose intolerant, I miss out on a lot of good food but eggs are one of the few things I can really enjoy in so many different ways. That said, breakfast foods are my favorite. Any time you can take a savory breakfast and kick it up a notch, you’ve got my attention, and that’s exactly what these mashed cauliflower pancakes (served on a bed of spinach with an over easy egg) from Alysia at Slim Sanity did. They’re like a healthier, lighter take on latkes! Can’t wait to try these.

Nut Butter Runner Coconut Protein Pancakes Peaches and Cream

On the flip side of breakfast foods, there’s the sweet and indulgent meals like pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc. These coconut protein pancakes from Morganne at Nut Butter Runner look to die for. Topped with peanut sauce (peanut flour and almond milk), greek yogurt and peaches. Yum! This looks so indulgent without all the unhealthy guilt.

Raw Cabbage Wrap Peachy Palate

If you’re feeling tacos without all the filling corn shells and tortillas, try a cabbage wrap! (It’s like a lettuce wrap, but better!) This raw taco salad from Michelle at Peachy Palate looks fresh and delicious. Filled with nuts instead of meat, salsa, peppers, avocado, and a drizzle of cashew cream, they’ve got all the fun flare of Mexican take out night but wrapped neatly in savoy cabbage. All raw, no grease. Sounds good to me! I’m also drooling over these raw meatballs (portobello mushrooms, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds) she made as well:

Peachy Palate Raw Meatballs

How good do those look?! Must try them ASAP.

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