We LOVE What I Ate Wednesday, a weekly food diary “party” hosted by one of our favorite bloggers, Jenn of Peas and Crayons. What I Wish I Ate Wednesday is Healthy Way to Cook’s roundup of the best What I Ate Wednesday posts from the previous week.

Posts from January 1:


If you, like so many others, made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier in 2014, you’ll love this amazing wrap from Massachuseats. It’s paleo-friendly, gluten-free and super simple to make. Just wrap chicken, bacon and roasted acorn squash in a butter lettuce leaf. Check out the link for some more great paleo dishes to start off your New Year right.


Looking for a decadent but healthy morning meal? Joy for Breakfast featured a bowl of
golden syrup Weetabix and oatmeal last week with a fantastic array of toppings: honey, dried apricots and apple, marshmallows, chocolate and granola. Sounds like a great breakfast to us!


One of our favorite things about perusing food blogs is learning about great new restaurants across the country. On Barr and Table, we spotted some amazing-looking dishes from Ramen Shop, a restaurant in Oakland, California using this classic noodle in creative new ways. This particular dish, shoyu meyer lemon ramen, features maitake mushrooms, salt-cured egg, romanesco, cauliflower, squash, broccoli and mizuna.

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