coconut flour

We know that coconut oil in itself can have some great benefits for you, but how about coconut flour? If you are looking for an alternative to white or wheat flour that is more healthier, coconut flour is the best thing to use. It has many health benefits and can be used just the same as other flours in baked goods and has made its way into other recipes and mainstream stores.

What is coconut flour?

Coconut flour is basically the coconut meat itself that has been dried and ground. It can take on a wheat flour consistency and it is fresh and organic.

Why are most people turning to coconut flour?

There are four reasons why people are keeping coconut flour in their pantry. It is gluten-free, lower-carb, grain-free and high fiber. There are probably other reasons such as it tastes great, but it can open up a new world for baked goods if you are the type loves their cakes, muffins and breads. Due to its natural sugars, coconut flour has a sweet taste to it and you won’t have to sweeten it very much. When you are using the flour, it does act differently then other flours and recipes that can be easily alter should be looked into. Some recipes though may be able to use the entire amount that the coconut flour can substitute.

Is it a better choice for you diet?

According to the “Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies” article that was published in 2006, unlike other flours that are grain based, coconut flour can moderate your blood sugar and doesn’t spike it up because of its high fiber content. The flour is an excellent choice for diabetics because it can control their blood sugar as well as those with celiac disease. Another reason why coconut flour is a good choice for your diet is the high protein it contains which can help with cell repair and growth. Coconut flour is easy to digest, boost your metabolism and provide instant energy.

Are there any disadvantages of coconut flour?

There are not many disadvantages that can outweigh of how good coconut flour can be for you, however, there are just a couple. Although coconut flour is less expensive then almond flour, it is more expensive than other flours on the market. Also since it has low moisture content, you may have to add more oil, water or eggs to your recipes which can incorporate to the expense also for using the flour.

The health benefits that are mentioned should give you some peace of mind that coconut flour is a great alternative and will enhance your diet in a healthy way.

Do you use coconut flour?

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