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If you’re one to follow the latest cooking and kitchenware trends, then you know that induction tops are all the rage right now. This relatively unknown technology has taken the world by storm, and its reach has already spread from professional restaurants to households across the world. But what exactly makes them so great that every home chef dreams of having one?

Induction Stoves and Cookware

Everyone knows that conventional stoves use gas or electrical power to cook the food placed onto them. However, a new trend is emerging, namely that of induction cooktops. They are rather different from their other counterparts because they rely on a completely different system of heating.

On the one hand, traditional appliances use gas flames or electrical elements to heat the recipients placed on top through contact. A process known as thermal conduction ensues, in which the energy is transferred from the burner to the base of the pan, thus preparing the ingredients within.

On the other hand, induction hobs are constructed from a ceramic surface with a coiled wire placed beneath. This generates an oscillating magnetic field, which induces electrons in the material of the pan and creates an electric field which leads to the production of heat.

Sounds amazing, right? Indeed, it is. But before jumping on the bandwagon, you will need more information on induction cookware sets, which you can find on high-quality online sources, such as Because of the very nature of such appliances, the material from which the pots, pans are griddles are made needs to be a magnetic one so that the magnetic field is created in the first place.

The most obvious choices would be cast iron and steel, but more unusual options include ceramic-clad and enameled pots with an iron pan hidden in the ceramic layer. Glass, copper or aluminum are a no-go because they aren’t magnetic. The only way in which they could potentially be used on an induction burner is if they have a conductive layer on the bottom.

Although the entire process behind this sounds more complicated than preparing food should ever be, in reality, it’s really simple. And because of its simplicity, plenty of advantages ensue. So, why would you need to start cooking the induction way? Let’s find out.

The Main Advantages

The main advantages of making the transition are more striking than you’d think. First of all, induction stoves are a lot more energy efficient than their gas-powered or electrical counterparts. This won’t only lower the amount on your monthly utility bill, but it will also help you play your part in saving the environment.

Furthermore, this process actually heats food up faster, contrary to popular belief. And while that happens, the cooking surface stays cool, which means that the household accident risk is lower as far as your kitchen is concerned. It’s time to say goodbye to those nasty stove or oven burns every cook is dreading.

And on top of all that, this method also promotes the usage of cast iron cookware, which is the best for our health according to Dr. Axe. Not only are such containers free of the carcinogens found in the construction of nonstick pans, but they also offer an iron boost to any meal due to obvious reasons.

And at the other end of the spectrum, copper and aluminum cookware have also been deemed some of the most dangerous to use from a well-being perspective. As mentioned above, this won’t get you anywhere when used on an induction cooktop, which makes avoiding them all that easier. At-home disease prevention has never been so straightforward.

All in all, cooking with induction is a far more sustainable alternative than the classic ones we’ve been using all these years. And by using this method in combination with healthy ingredients, your diet is bound to improve tremendously over time. This will, in turn, benefit your overall well-being, and pave your way towards a happier, more vigorous lifestyle.

Nevertheless, to achieve the full benefits of this change, you need to be willing to commit to it. Investing in the newest equipment is useless if all you use it for is to deep fry processed chicken nuggets and frozen French fries. But if you stick to it, notably positive results are bound to appear in no time at all.

Final Thoughts

Although the intricacies behind induction hobs have been discussed ever since the early 1900s, this technology has only recently garnered worldwide attention. And thanks to its many benefits, cooking via magnetic field has become the new eco-friendly, health-promoting approach to our daily meals.